2015 summary and 2016 plans

An update on GBOMP’s progress in 2015 and plans for 2016, from Mervyn Greening.

Summary of activity in 2015:

10 monitoring visits by MG. Others by AL,AF and BHB, confirmed that 2015 was a poor breeding season in Glos. As a result not all boxes on register were visited, but contacts at all sites reported little or no activity.

16 Site visits were made to put boxes up or advise on positioning of boxes.

3 Broods of barn owls ringed and one other where young were known to have hatched failed before ringing.

16 New boxes put up.

7 current active members of the group made visits to Barn Owl sites this year.

5 new recruits have shown interest in monitoring and ringing chicks, so will hopefully join the monitoring program in 2016.

Plans for 2016:

Run training course for new monitors. In Conjunction with Windrush Valley.

project. Also train new ringers.

Monitor all boxes on register.

Modify some of boxes in CWP to make access easier for monitoring.

Maintain visits to sites following requests for information and advice, and to erect boxes.

Anyone interested in joining in with the group’s activities, should contact us through the web site.