GBOMP’s recent activity

Tuesday 29/09/2015

Site visit 15 with MG,DA,RH, and PW to put a box up in a barn where RH had found pellets. Adult was present when we arrived. New box installed.


Monitoring visit 10 MG,AF,AL,DA,RH,PW to Sherbourne estate. Ringed brood of Barn Owl Chicks from box in barn at top site.


Thursday 17th December 2015

Site visit 16 with MG and VJ of Barn Owl centre. Site at Calmsden outside Cirencester to advise landowner on positioning of boxes. Adult Barn Owl present in one barn with lots of pellets. Other sites identified. Manager of site is constructing boxes to put up. Have since had email with photos showing the new boxes in position. Whilst on site saw Short-eared owl.

Tuesday 9th February 2016

Site visit 1 of 2016. MG,RH,PW. To a farm near Hawling to put up a new box in second barn near to another barn with a box in already with adult present and lots of pellets. Buzzards and 2 Red Kites seen on this visit.