Barn Owls – 2016 summary

Most of the sites on our existing register were visited at least once this year. Most of the boxes were put up for Barn Owls, but a number are used each year by: Tawny Owl, Kestrel, Jackdaw, Stock Dove, and one Mandarin has used a box. Twenty nine chicks were ringed from 8 nests, of which 28 fledged. One adult from last year was re- trapped at the box in which she was ringed. Some statistics of this year’s activity:

78 boxes at 47 sites were monitored during 2016.
17 Active nests were recorded.
8 nests where chicks were ringed.
2 nests where breeding was unsuccessful.
3 nests where breeding was confirmed, but chicks not ringed.
3 nests were adults were present during breeding season but no breeding.
1 site where adults present, not in a box, and egg shells found late in season.
3 sites where adults present during breeding season, but no breeding attempt.
9 sites visited where breeding has occurred in past, but no evidence this year.
3 Anecdotal records of birds present during breeding season, yet to be followed up.
3 sites where breeding has occurred in previous years, not checked, change of land use and permissions.
5 sites not associated with any above where pellets were found.
2 broods known to have been ringed in Glos.

This gives potentially 35 breeding sites that are known to the programme.