2017 review

Both GBOMP and SADOS were very active during 2017. Many new boxes were put up and
a record number of boxes were monitored for breeding activity. The figures below show the highest recorded totals of young ringed and young fledged. Whether this represents a
particularly good year or not is unclear as more effort was put into monitoring than has been the case previously.
The main monitoring period this year ran from the second week of June to mid-August. The biggest broods of the year were the later broods with two broods of five being ringed on the 10th August. There was some evidence to suggest that early breeding had occurred at one site, and young had fledged by late June which would have meant first eggs being laid in late March. Another possible brood was reported in September. This would suggest that we probably need to start monitoring earlier, and possibly check some boxes for a second or late brood.

125 sites checked.
30 definite breeding attempts.
1 attempt failed.
25 broods ringed.
4 broods successfully fledged young unringed.
84 birds fledged of which 75 were ringed.
Mean brood size = 2.8.