Barn Owls are very special birds for many people: often they live in close proximity to us and sometimes they depend on us for their nesting places. Because of their largely nocturnal habits, they can easily be overlooked and in Gloucestershire we do not know much about their overall numbers or how well they are doing.

Established in 2014 and modelled on successful initiatives in other counties, the Gloucestershire Barn Owl Monitoring Programme aims to study Barn Owls and to contribute to their conservation. We are a group of farmers, landowners, birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts who are committed to protecting and conserving this iconic species in Gloucestershire. This is what we hope to do:-


  • To survey Barn Owls in Gloucestershire in order to monitor overall numbers and breeding pairs.
  • To promote interest in Barn Owls in Gloucestershire by raising awareness and providing information.
  • To provide advice and support for the conservation of Barn Owls in Gloucestershire.


  • Maintain monitoring activity at currently monitored nest sites
  • Set up a network of surveyors and ringers in the county, providing training where necessary
  • Monitor, record and analyse annual activity in a systematic way
  • Submit records to relevant local and national bodies, respecting confidentiality where required
  • Produce annual reports
  • Provide Barn Owl nest-boxes to interested parties where conditions are suitable
  • Provide independent advice to landowners about conservation and habitat
  • Hold a minimum of two meetings a year for planning and organisation of the group