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Please use this page to submit your records.  All records submitted here will be sent to the county bird recorder, Richard Baatsen, and will therefore contribute to the county database and the annual bird report.
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Completion notes:

Breeding Codes:
A – Agitated behaviour or aggression towards other individuals/species
B – Nest building
D – Display & courtship (inc. vocal and flight displays)
DE – Bird found dead
F – Flying over only
FF – Adult carrying for young or mate
FM – Adult passing food to mate
H – Individual seen in suitable nesting habitat
I – Apparently incubating bird
M – Migrant
N – At probable nest site (use of nest can’t be seen)
NE – Nest with eggs
NY – Nest with young
ON – Occupied nest (e.g. adults entering/leaving visible nest/site)
OS – Other signs of occupancy (e.g. whitewash, fresh prey remains, feathers)
P – Pair in suitable nesting habitat
– Singing male
T – Territorial behaviour (defended over at least one week)
U – Summering non-breeder
UN – Used nest or eggshells from the current season
W – Wintering